Dil Angelo

What people think, believe and know has zero to do with what makes them tick and how they operate. The same is true for the reality around them, if not then life wouldn’t be such a mystery or a head banging can’t make sense of it type scenario that marketers or followings couldn’t readily take advantage of.

Before I became Dil Angelo I travelled many paths and worlds but most importantly into the unknown in every facet of real magic, cults, stage magic, mentalism and the paranormal. Why was everything so separated and in different boxes, was there a common link or did I need to make a bridge for that to be so? Was that even a possibility? All religion, fields and beliefs tried to make as though their definition of how they viewed the world was “it”. I was to travel the globe and meet many people who specialised in these fields - my quest for what made everything tick leading me to places that were enlightening to the outright ridiculous but I kept myself open to submerge and really understand. Words like mentalism became the subtle observations of how the mind works. The supernatural realms became misunderstood sciences. It was one thing being entertained by these things or stand back bemused but what if we were to reveal what’s behind them all could be useful if combined and bridged?

I believe so and it led me into initially using these forms to entertain and providing the information as keys to people to allow them to unlock their own lifes. I was able to dismantle martial arts with zero experience, I was able to teach subjects like physics degrees with no knowledge whatsoever and create solutions for problems that most would see as impossible, I was able to make the impossible become not only possible but simple and obvious. Today I offer you back the keys to your own life so that you may unlock your world and reveal what has taken many paths and worlds to explore, bringing to you what only a rare few have had the privilege to pass on from each respective field...